environment-friendly building

The Nobilis Business House has been BREEAM certified on the Excellent level.

Already at the beginning of the designing process and during the construction of the office buildings one should remember about the protection and minimisation of their negative influence on natural environment. In the times of highly developed civilisation, everyone is responsible for the environment and its resources. A lower consumption of water and energy is equivalent to measurable savings and the segregation of waste and recycling mean more sustainable future. Each modern organisation wants to be socially responsible and wants to develop in a sustainable manner and therefore the Nobilis Business House was provided with tools that allow for a very conscious consumption of natural resources.

The Nobilis Business House is an office building that has been developed in accordance with the principles of sustainable construction and holds the Excellent level BREEAM certificate.

In order to ensure the well-being of our lessees, we ensure comfortable conditions in the offices thanks to the following:

  • An optimum volume of daylight and an appropriate control of the internal lighting.
  • A high quality of the air indoors, in accordance with the Polish standard (30 m3/h/person).
  • The analytical verification of the thermal comfort.
  • The implementation of ballasts in the fluorescent lamps, thanks to which the lamps operate in a more quiet mode and the flickering effect is eliminated.
  • The acoustic parameters of the interiors consistent with the Polish standard (35-45 dB).

The Nobilis Business House has been equipped with:

  • water-saving solutions
  • solutions ensuring proper waste management
  • energy-efficient elevators
  • recycling rooms
  • energy-efficient lighting
  • energy-efficient air-conditioning and ventilation system