technical specification

The Nobilis Business House meets the top technical standards

The Nobilis Business House is a modern office building which meets the highest technical standards. The concept, in accordance with which it was designed, is a flexible arrangement of the space, ensuring comfort to each individual working within. The technical specifications of the building comprise the following technological solutions, fittings and fixtures:

A modern BMS
Guaranteed power supply
Double-track power supply
Access control system
Elevated floors
Suspended ceilings
Grid outlet floor boxes
Carpeting in tiles
500 lux lighting
Smoke and temperature sensors
HVAC energy-efficient system
Temperature control
Installation detecting CO and gas in the garage
An optimum access to daylight
Shutters controlling the intensity of light
The sound alarm system
Opening windows

The building was constructed with the use of natural materials and the high quality of finishing of the office spaces is consistent with principles of sustainable construction.